Trunited Review - 5 Keys To Unlock Your Success With Trunited

My Personal Review of Trunited:

Trunited LogoI’m glad to write this Trunited review and thrilled to have been introduced to this company.  After you read this review I believe you will be too.  It could very possibly change your life for the better!  

I’ve been working from home full-time for almost 20 years and I’ve been paid well for my efforts.  When I learned about Trunited I discovered that something was uniquely different about this company.  They weren’t manufacturing products like most home business opportunities or multi-level marketing companies.  Instead, they were giving money back to their members for connecting to manufacturers and brand name stores like Walmart, Home Depot, etc.  Not only that, the company also rewards their members for sharing the free membership with people that purchase through them.

As I reviewed this company and their opportunity, I found several points that impressed me.  The list I developed is an overview that I believe will help new people form an opinion, but let me add that there’s a whole lot more to like about this company than what I’ve written in this review.  

First, let me share with you that I absolutely LOVE multi-level marketing (MLM).  I realize that it’s been abused by some, but the concept is simply to give economic freedom and empowerment to the individual like the corporate world will never do.  

Promotion in the corporate world is often difficult, but you’ll love how achievable it is to promote yourself into the next management position of an MLM opportunity.  I’ve had people below me in my past MLM business make more money than I did.  When did you ever hear of someone in the corporate world making more income than the CEO?  It just doesn’t happen.  Yet with MLM, I can earn more than my sponsor if I work harder than he does.  Who can argue with that?  Trunited’s CEO doesn’t even take a salary.  He participates in the compensation plan like everyone else.

Below are some of the reasons why Trunited impressed me combined with the five keys that will unlock your success with this company…

1. It's Free To Join

This enables you to generate new leads and build a contact list fast.  Since MLM grows best as a relationship business, joining Trunited for free gives you the opportunity to begin building a “business partner” relationship with new people.  As the relationship grows, so does their trust in you and the company.

Keep in mind that many “work from home” opportunities can cost up to $100 or much more just to start.  Trunited lets people start for free and this is a BIG plus. 

You may be wondering, if it’s free then how does anyone make any money?  Yes, it’s true that no one makes money unless a purchase is made.  This brings me to my second and third reason why Trunited is an excellent choice

2. Huge Selection of Product choices

Trunited absolutely excels in connecting the buyer with the manufacturer or service provider.  We encourage our members to transfer their buying from the store that pays them nothing to their Trunited store that gives them money back plus residual income on the purchases of those who they refer.  This is a winning concept!  It’s also liberating to members to be able to find products they already purchase and simply choose to buy it from their own Trunited business instead of the store that doesn’t pay them anything.

3. TruBox Club

In order to provide convenience and help people that are serious about “transfer buying” and residual income, Trunited offers us the optional TruBox Club where you can set-up a monthly or bi-monthly order on the products you need the most.  I love this feature!  Some companies require auto-ship, but Trunited lets you decide based on your budget what you want to do.  As skeptics become dedicated believers, they will join the TruBox Club.

4. Easy To Understand Compensation Plan

Some MLM companies have very difficult compensation plans, but Trunited is actually quite simple.  Basically, it can be summed up as easy as A, B, C…

A.  If each person commits to getting 30 product points a month (a minimal cost of $50 to $100 or so based on the products choosen).  Personally, I like the 30 day vitamin pack for $49.95 that gives 30 profit points.  You may prefer an energy drink or something else.
B.  Find one person each month that will do the same in this very profitable 15 level pay plan.
C.  You can expect to start making $100,000 a year or more by your 12th month.

I like to keep it simple.  This step by step plan is so reasonable to me.  If someone really wants to change their life for the good and bring a new level of financial security to their family then this is a plan that is achievable.  What if you decided to find two or three people each month instead of just one as in step B above?  Do you see the potential for those who are determined to succeed?  

I realize that the Trunited compensation plan has more details that may appear complicated at first glance, but the above example is all that’s necessary for someone to embrace the vision and understand the pathway for their own financial freedom.  For more details on the compensation plan, promotions and to view some videos on the subject, click here.

5. Team Support System

A strong team support system is very important to me as well.  I’ve joined MLM companies in the past because a friend invited me to join under him or her, but I later learned that my friend just wasn’t capable of supporting me like a group of knowledgeable and successful people could within the company.  It was only when I made a business decision and chose to find a business-savvy sponsor who could help mentor me that I became truly successful in the business.

Before joining Trunited, I looked for a sponsor who was a serious business person and mentor like I am and who was committed as a leader and team builder as well as able to provide excellent team support and marketing strategies.  I’m thrilled to report that I found the right sponsor!  Plus, his sponsor is an investor with the company who will keep us updated on what we need to know.  Now everyone I bring into the company will benefit from a strong upline and have the best way possible to achieve success. 

When you join from this website, you will gain support like you can’t imagine right now.  You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We have lots of training and support to help you get started!

Finally, as a closing thought to this Trunited review, I’m excited to share that Trunited will eventually become a global company.  In the past, I did well with a company that was just marketing to the United States.  I can hardly wait to see the growth that will happen when Trunited advances to other countries around the globe.  

Will you join us and let our team of All Stars help you achieve your goals?