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Trunited LogoA Trunited business is much more than most business owners realize at first glance.  Of course, most people join to take advantage of the free membership and extra income opportunity.  This is definitely the primary reason to become active in Trunited, but a side benefit is the ability to collect free MLM leads and build your contact list.  Since there is no cost to join Trunited it acts like a magnet to anyone looking for a way to earn extra income from home.  This is what caught my attention.

Web pages with online forms capture the prospect’s attention.  An added incentive is to find something of value to give away “free” so people will be motivated to complete the form.  I like Trunited so much because the membership is “free”.  Once the online form is completed, this gives you the opportunity to call them.

When I was introduced to Trunited, I was impressed for all that it offered as a business opportunity.  It also excited that it could be given away free of charge.  By using the free website that’s provided, it presents the Trunited membership and business at no cost.  It really gives people incentive and purpose to join immediately with their contact information.

How to get free MLM Leads...

Years ago, a mentor in multi-level marketing (MLM) taught me what he did to get prospects and here is one of the strategies he used.  He found something online that was offered for free with a web page and a form for the contact information.  Then he advertised that web page.  After the form was completed by a prospect, he called him or her and started building trust.  He gradually introduced the new recruit to his primary MLM business.  This strategy is simple and it works!  The added benefit of Trunited is that it has the potential to become more profitable than most of the other MLM business opportunities available. 

I’ve been involved in MLM or network marketing for over 20 years.  I have learned a lot of marketing methods that work well in growing a multi-level marketing business.  Generating leads in order to build a list of qualified prospects is the primary goal for an MLM opportunity.  I’ve used both online methods like Facebook, websites, etc. and off-line ways with flyers and business cards to build my list of leads.  

Where can the Trunited business be advertised?

I recommend using the free Trunited website on a business card.  You can then exchange business cards with individuals who you would like to see join your business.  Once you have their contact information you can develop their trust so if you want to offer them something else later it would be possible.  Join our team and I’ll gladly give you a custom business template along with many more tools to help you get started.

You can also broadcast your Trunited website to people through your email signature.  Simply add a catchy phrase or thought with your Trunited website.  Then start building your contact list as visitors complete the form on your new website.  

Also, consider using solo ads, blogs, Craigslist, Facebook and other social networks where you can capture leads and build your contact list.  Click here for more ways to advertise.

How can Trunited help New MLM recruits?

Most MLM businesses charge a fee to get started and then a monthly fee to continue.  Trunited is especially helpful to new network marketers because there is no “start-up” or “set-up” fee.  This company can help a new recruit make the money he needs to join any other more expensive program you are currently promoting.  Trunited can also be offered to those who already failed or quit their primary MLM business.  Either way, it’s a “win” for both parties involved because it offers a business that is easier and much less expensive to get started.  It also saves the business relationship that you have built or established with this individual.  

Trunited appears to have so much more than other MLM opportunities.  I can remember many of my former MLM businesses like Amway, Melaleuca, Herbalife, Freelife, etc. that didn’t go well for me.  I joined them and eventually canceled due to the expense and lack of training at the time.  When I finally did become successful with an MLM company that I’ve been with now for almost 20 years, the prior years of disappointment faded.  In the light of my current success, I believe that if the Trunited business had been available when I started, it would have removed much of the risk of failure and financial loss.

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