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There are many ways to advertise and build your business, but some methods of marketing have been proven to be more popular and effective.  The order of this top 10 list for building your Trunited business will depend on your skill-set and personality.  Start with what is comfortable and then continue to add one at a time until you have at least five methods of marketing working for you at all times.

First, start with the people you know and love.  Share the opportunity with them and get familiar with the helpful scripts and marketing tools that you’ll get from our team when you join from this website.

Most of all have fun as you are now in the business of helping people save money, make money or both and helping people is fun!

Now, let’s explore the top 10 ways to build your Trunited business

1. Smile and dial

Use one of our team telephone scripts to reach your warm market (people you know) and cold market (new friends).  When you join our team, you’ll have access to our telephone scripts.Trunited Marketing

The phone, along with one of our telephone scripts, will assist you in building your business.  You can customize it until it’s very comfortable for your personality.  When you’re having fun with it, you’ll know that you’re on your way to mastering your presentation.  

The challenge may be finding a good lead source.  You want to ask for “opportunity seeker” leads.  The age of those leads will determine the cost.  If you’re on a budget, you might prefer getting a less expensive, older list so that your costs will be lower.  Many Trunited members just need someone to answer the phone and don’t mind if the list is old.  Your enthusiastic presentation will make up the difference for an older list.  People are more likely to listen to you if you’re cheerful and they sense that you really want to help them.

After you’ve joined from this website, I will call you and welcome you.  Let me know that you would like the telephone scripts and I’ll be happy to assist you in this popular way of marketing your Trunited business.

2. Business Cards

Get your Trunited business cards made and then set a goal to exchange business cards with at least 5 people a day.

Where can you find people to exchange business cards with you might ask?  Consider the Chamber of Commerce, real estate offices and other places of business.  Don’t forget the people you meet at church, recreation centers, gas stations and anywhere else where there are people.

Success Tip:  Our team has a Trunited business card template that you can use with your name and contact information.  When you join here, you can ask that one be designed for you at no cost.  Your only expense will be printing it locally or online where we recommend

3. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are all platforms that give you influence with others in your network.  This can be an explosively positive way of marketing your business, especially if you have a lot of contacts.  If you don’t yet have many contacts, it’s easy to add people to your network and invite them to become friends.  Once they’re in your network, you will be able to make posts that reveal the benefits of Trunited with an invitation to join your team.

If you need help with social media there are some tutorials that I know will help you.  Let me know so I can share them with you.

4. Build a website

This marketing method starts slow, but has good long term potential.  It’s best to do this late at night or early in the morning when you don’t have anyone to talk with about Trunited.  

This is my #1 favorite marketing strategy, but not everyone likes working on a computer.  For those that do enjoy technology, I will be happy to guide you to the resources that will enable you to reach the masses of people that are searching for an opportunity like we offer.  Join today and call me so we can get you started.

When you begin to make a website what topic will you be building your website on?  You might be thinking about a Trunited website with thousands of others doing the same strategy, but I encourage you to “think outside of the box.” 

Here’s how… consider building a website on a topic that has less competition than Trunited.  I recommend building a website on a subject or hobby that interests you and is easy to write about.  Then, add Trunited banner ads that direct them to your Trunited website.  Make sure there are followers who would be interested in your unique topic and that there is not much competition.  We have some banner ads that you’re welcome to use as a member of our team.

5. YouTube videos

Videos are now easier than ever with the use of a smart phone.  However, much more can be done with a webcam (on most laptops) and software programs like Camtasia Studio.  If the software program is unaffordable, there are some alternatives which I’ll be glad to share with you after you get your free membership through this website.

There are many helpful videos that you can create to help others and also introduce them to your Trunited business at the same time.  Consider your hobbies or what interests you have and what you could create in the way of a video in that area of interest that would help others.  When you answer questions or do a tutorial for any subject that will help people then you can also mention how you get your products from your Trunited shopping portal and supplement your income too.

6. Home Parties

House parties or meetings can be one of the most fun ways of marketing.  Start with a few close friends and then work with them to help them have a party.  Since it’s free to join Trunited, you can expect that everyone will join.  Help everyone buy something through their Trunited website and develop a success story for each one so they can share their testimony at the next house party.

Need help getting people to attend your house party?  Consider serving a free pizza or asking everyone to bring their favorite ice cream for the most fabulous desert in their life.  Make it fun and have a good time sharing.  This is a super easy way to develop friendships and business partners.

7. Paid advertising

There are many sources to purchase advertising from, both online and off-line.  Pay-per-click search engines tend to be expensive if you’re using a competitive keyword so, starting out, you might explore specific websites to advertise on like  We have a strategy with ads that you can use on Craigslist.  Just let me know that’s your interest when you join.

8. Wear your advertising

“Ask Me How to Make Money From Home” or “Ask Me How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck”, plus many other messages that will invite people to talk with you.  Simply choose the message you like most and have it printed on a brass badge at a trophy shop.  I recommend a magnetic back instead of a pin so it doesn’t puncture your clothes.

You can also have messages engraved on a t-shirt or place your website address on your baseball cap.  Get the message out there even if you have to buy magnetic signs or decals for your automobile.

9. Webinars

This method has become very popular in recent years.  Many people prefer this method over the traditional telephone conference call.  It has been most common to see webinars being held on, but now we have a free webinar resource that you can use to build your team.  It’s wonderful and easy to use.  This is just another tool that will help you communicate with people and share the excitement about our business opportunity.

10. Texting

Many people today prefer texting over using the phone.  Like a telephone script, we have several messages that you can use to start a conversation with your prospects.  After you join here, ask about our text scripts and I’ll be glad to share them with you.  There’s also some texting services that I can offer you that will assist you in reaching larger numbers of people in a faster time span.

Fresh Leads for Trunited

While many methods of marketing exist for building your business, I recommend focusing most on generating your own leads for the best results.  Paid advertising has its place for those who can afford it, but for most people it will be more practical to develop your own leads through flyers, business cards, car signs, etc.

The best way to build your Trunited business is to generate your own leads.  Simply to talk about it to as many people as you can meet.   That’s why “Smile and Dial” is at the top of the list.  Talking is free as long as you have a willing listener.

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