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Why Trunited?

Trunited enables people to transfer their buying on products they already use - and EMPOWERS them to get money back plus additional income through the same purchases!

Watch the brief videos on this page and learn how easy it is to find the best buys through our shopping portal and get money back.  Whether you want to save money, earn money or just shop for products, Trunited is the place for you.  Our members get money back on their online purchases and when members share this free plan with others who buy products, they get residual income.  

While our concept is unique, it’s easy to learn and very easy to share with others.  Your buying power, joined with all of our other members, truly is greater with this company and it’s as easy as transferring your buying from the store that pays you nothing to Trunited that gives you money back plus a lot more!  Not only that, it’s free to join! 

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How It Works...

Trunited offers three fun shopping experiences.  One popular choice is global brands, where consumers can shop online and receive additional savings from their favorite stores such as Walmart, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby.   By accessing these websites through your shopping portal website you can get extra points for additional savings on your purchases. 

The company  also sells several “direct to consumer” products that are name brand products.  These products consist of mostly consumable items that can be purchased monthly.

Finally, the purchase of gift cards is another buying option where  members can save more money by using  gift cards in many well-known restaurants and retail stores.  Learn more about the services here.

What can trunited do for you?

Through Trunited you have the freedom to save money, make money or both.   Unlike traditional work from home opportunities, you purchase what you want and get it when you want it.  Below are two recorded webinars that will clearly explain what this opportunity can do for you.  

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Save Money

Learn how easily you can save money with Trunited.

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Make Money

Learn how you can help others and make money at the same time.

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Get Money Back Plus Much More!

In addition to instant savings and rebates from our shopping portal, our members benefit in the following ways….

Member Website

Free Member Website

Gain access to your own online store where you can save and show others how they can save too.   Many expect this will go global in the not too distant future!

Residual Income

Residual income

Some people have focused on this as a way to replace their job with on-going residual income!  Others see a great way to make additional part-time income.


Exceptional value

Multiply your savings by sharing a free membership with someone.  You'll be surprised at the money back plus extra income that you receive! 


Fun to share

Everyone loves to share a good deal, especially when it's free to join.  Trunited is no exception to this rule and will likely surpass all expectations!

Shopping Choices

Choices Galore

There appears to be no end to the shopping choices that are offered with Trunited. Explore the global brands, gift cards and direct to consumer products.

Trunited Resources

Marketing Resources

As the business and shopping experience grows, more and more resources are being added to support your involvement and success. 

Still unsure?

See our Trunited review and the five keys to unlock YOUR success with this company!  Click here.

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